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Victory! Thailand Promises Not to Send Elephants to the Philippines

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It was recently reported in the Philippine media that Thailand was planning to send an elephant to the decrepit Manila Zoo at the request of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. But good news for ellies everywhere: Thailand has no such plan or policy!

The Manila Zoo's Lone Elephant Mali

Mali at the Manila Zoo

PETA Asia has been campaigning against the Manila Zoo for years, but we took specific issue with Mayor Lim’s request. Numerous letters to the mayor offering to give him a tour of the zoo so that he can see the animals’ suffering firsthand have been ignored, so we took our concerns to Thai officials, who were, fortunately, more responsive.

After receiving our report on the plight of Mali—the lone Asian elephant who has lived in a cramped enclosure at the Manila Zoo for more than 30 years—the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment clarified that it has no plans to export any elephants to the Philippines.

Although we’re extremely grateful that no additional elephants will be subjected to the boredom and misery that Mali experiences every day, the Manila Zoo shouldn’t be adding animals of any species to its cramped, barren cages and pens. Sign our “Stop More Animals From Suffering at the Manila Zoo” petition now, and do your part to help captive animals everywhere.

Posted by Rochelle Regodon


  1. hazelpamela...
    July 29th, 2011, 11:12 am

    its sad how you easily protested outside the grounds of manila zoo. did you ever think that you helped with your blabbing? if you went inside the zoo and volunteered that would have been a better response to your screaming which in turn scared the animals. there are a few volunteers who work at the zoo at present but is not enough. if you want the zoo to be shut down have you ever asked yourself what would happen to the animals? release them into the wild? do you have any idea how they will survive? how sure are you that they wont be chased or hunted down by individuals who’d cook them for food or sell them.

    i admire PETA for your untiring efforts to call everyone’s attention on issues that needs to be addressed but PLEASE..THINK FIRST before you SHOUT at the streets and ask for a petition.

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