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Help Animals by Watching Movies With Friends!

Activism comes in many different forms. Sometimes it can be as simple as watching movies with friends and family members and having conversations about them …

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  • Feb
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Tabling in 5 Easy Steps

“Tabling”—or setting up a table with resources about animal issues—is an effective way to engage the public and provide people with information about animal rights. …

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  • Feb
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Animal Rights: An Intersectional Issue

Sometimes the animal rights movement is unfairly branded as being irrelevant to other pursuits of justice or, worse, in opposition to other social-justice causes. I’ve …

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  • Feb
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My Part in a PETA Victory

This article was written by PETA U.S. Action Team Coordinator Tiffany Rose.

My knees are bent and pulled tightly to my chest, and yet …

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  • Feb
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Take the Time to Truly See Animals

For all of us who love animals, we like to think that we do our best for them. But have we become so accustomed to …

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  • Dec
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Stand Up and Stand Out: Holding a Demonstration to Help Animals

Holding a demonstration is a fun, effective, and easy way to show people how animals are abused on factory farms, on fur farms, …

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  • Nov
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PETA Strikes the Right Chord at Midi Music Fest

PETA staffers and volunteers were out front and center when the Midi Music Festival—China’s longest-running music event—hit Shanghai for a three-day run in October. Thousands …

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  • Sep
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Strike a Chord for Animal Rights

Many notable public figures have spoken out for animals, and a lot of them have been musicians. It’s not just their lyrics that are …

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  • Sep
  • 19

Animal Rights: A Growing Movement in China

China has the world’s second largest economy and is home to one-sixth of the world’s population. It’s also home to some of the world’s worst …

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  • Sep
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The Intern Experience: Briony Thompson

For a long time, I have wanted a meaningful career in which I can work, even in the smallest of ways, to leave the world …

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