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  • Mar
  • 21

How Monkeys Go From Jungles to Labs

Ever wonder how monkeys from places such as Asia and Africa end up caged in laboratories? PETA U.S.’ infograph lets you see the horrific journey …

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  • Jan
  • 29

500 Dolphins Slaughtered in Taiji, Japan

Five hundred dolphins were driven into the infamous cove┬áin Taiji, Japan, for the annual dolphin slaughter. In response to international outrage over the “hunt,” …

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  • Jan
  • 22

Movie in Review: Blackfish

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish is an emotionally riveting documentary that exposes the horrible truth about marine theme parks and aquariums. It introduces the audience to Tilikum, …

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  • Jan
  • 14

Animals Lose Friend and Defender

It is with a heavy heart that PETA begins this new year by saying goodbye to a huge advocate for animals, Dr. Henry Melvyn Richardson.…

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  • Dec
  • 16

Absolut Vodka Taiwan to Stop Using Animals

After a whistleblower notified PETA that Absolut Vodka Taiwan used about 60 live fighting fish in bottles as part of a wall decoration during an …

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  • Oct
  • 28

Surabaya ‘Death’ Zoo Kills Again

An endangered female Bornean orangutan is dead, the latest victim of the notoriously cruel Surabaya Zoo. Nanik apparently suffered for weeks before dying at the

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  • Aug
  • 28

Victory! Watch These Bears Take Their First Free Steps!

Right now, 11 bears are getting used to the natural and fantastic feeling of grass beneath their paws. Eleven bears who had languished in tiny …

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  • Aug
  • 09

Victory for Animals! India Bans Dolphinariums

India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests advised state governments to ban any entertainment that involves the capture and confinement of cetaceans, including dolphinariums. The …

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  • Jul
  • 26

Ride Bikes, Not Animals

On the tourist trail, it’s common to see decrepit horses, shackled elephants, and crippled camels used for rides.

Seeing animals exploited for transport is heartbreaking. …

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  • Jul
  • 19

Paul McCartney Joins the Chorus for Mali’s Transfer

Perhaps the world’s most famous singer and songwriter is stepping up to help one of the world’s loneliest elephants. Acclaimed rock-and-roller Paul McCartney has penned …

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