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  • Apr
  • 07

Pamela Anderson Makes Plea for Kidnapped Baby Elephants

With dozens of fragile baby elephants held captive in Zimbabwe and set to be sold to the United Arab Emirates and China, Pamela Anderson sent …

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  • Mar
  • 16

Government Orders Department Store Zoo to Move Gorilla

For seven years, PETA has pushed for the closure of the Pata Zoo and worked to educate the public about how patronizing the decrepit facility …

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  • Dec
  • 19

Authorities crack down on bird abusers

It’s easy to become a bit cynical about expecting the government to take real action, particularly when it comes to the issue of animal welfare. …

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  • Jun
  • 18

Found Nemo. Finding Dory. Saving Tilikum.

To avoid supporting the cruelty of zoos and aquariums and the conditions that animals confined to those facilities are forced to endure, compassionate parents and …

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  • Jun
  • 06

Appalling Animal Attraction: Beppu Jigoku

It’s the one attraction that Beppu, Japan, is known for. The Beppu Jigoku, or “hells” in English, are eight natural hot springs that hundreds of …

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  • May
  • 30

“It Was Raining Pigeons”: Millions Die in Taiwan Sea Races

More than a million homing pigeons die every year during Taiwan’s seasonal pigeon races, grueling sets of seven races over the open ocean from …

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  • May
  • 21

Malang the Crocodile Swims Free, Once Again

After Malang, a freshwater crocodile who was rumored to be the largest ever caught, was illegally trapped in Liguasan Marsh, PETA sent an urgent plea …

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  • Mar
  • 21

How Monkeys Go From Jungles to Labs

Ever wonder how monkeys from places such as Asia and Africa end up caged in laboratories? PETA U.S.’ infograph lets you see the horrific journey …

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  • Jan
  • 29

500 Dolphins Slaughtered in Taiji, Japan

Five hundred dolphins were driven into the infamous cove in Taiji, Japan, for the annual dolphin slaughter. In response to international outrage over the “hunt,” …

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  • Jan
  • 22

Movie in Review: Blackfish

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish is an emotionally riveting documentary that exposes the horrible truth about marine theme parks and aquariums. It introduces the audience to Tilikum, …

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