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  • Mar
  • 14

Clover’s Story: Adopting an Older Animal

Clover was already well into her twilight years when she was rescued from being butchered and taken in by The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

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  • Mar
  • 12

PETA Receives Award for Typhoon Haiyan Relief Work

PETA was recently invited to speak about our work with helping animals in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan at the celebration of the Philippines’ Bureau …

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  • Dec
  • 19

8 Reasons to Adopt—Not Buy—Dogs

Can you teach a human new tricks? We think so, which is why we’re going to let these clever canines attempt to teach you why …

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  • Dec
  • 04

PETA Still Helping Animals After Typhoon Haiyan

Note: This blog has been updated since posting to include the recent happenings from PETA’s work in Palawan. Read on!

PETA Asia, which has had …

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  • Nov
  • 28

PETA Aids Animals in War-Torn Zamboanga

Animals don’t belong to religions or have nationalities, and they own no bombs or guns—yet they often suffer in our wars. After the Zamboanga crisis, PETA …

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  • Nov
  • 07

Another Dog Dies: Why Animals Aren’t Meant for Cargo Holds

When a passenger decided to travel with his beloved dogs, an adult and a puppy named Shon, he had no choice but to fly both …

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  • Nov
  • 06

Daniel Henney Fights Against Animal Homelessness in New PETA Ads

Actor and model Daniel Henney has recently taken on a very different kind of role: helping to end the homeless dog and cat crisis. …

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  • Oct
  • 24

Mixed Message at School Celebration

PETA Asia representatives were recently invited to a school in Manila to celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi—the patron saint of animals—as well …

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  • Oct
  • 02

A Tribute to Grace

It’s with sadness (but no regret) that we had to have Grace euthanized earlier this week because of a fatal heart condition. Many of you …

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  • Sep
  • 11

8 Reasons You Should Never Declaw!

The cuteness of tiny cat paws tiptoeing across your kitchen counter can be giggle-inducing. Cats seem like little fluff balls of joy as they chase …

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