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  • Jul
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Apps and Resources for the Traveling Vegan

Whether you’re at home or abroad, a huge number of apps and online resources can easily help you track down delicious vegan meals. Learn your …

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  • Jul
  • 12

5 Cool Things About Cockroaches

In a big city, you’re bound to become familiar with cockroaches. At our office here in Manila, we’ve all had the opportunity to make …

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  • Jul
  • 04

Top 5 Vegan Beauty Secrets Found in Your Kitchen

Tucked away in your kitchen cupboards are some of the Earth’s best-kept beauty secrets. These readily available items can be used to make over your …

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  • Jun
  • 13

Not So Many Fish in the Sea

I’ve been a certified open-water diver for more than a month now, but I can already attest that it is absolutely a different world down …

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  • Jun
  • 06

Oslob’s Big Catch

The Philippines is a tropical country with 7,107 islands. It is blessed with lush vegetation, diverse fauna, long stretches of beach, and many different landforms. …

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  • May
  • 29

Bear Bile: A Life and Death Sentence

Imagine spending your entire life in a prison—a prison where your cell is so small and cramped that you can’t lift your head, turn around, …

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  • May
  • 21

Taal Volcano—Lazy Tourism

Taal Volcano and Taal Lake are truly beautiful natural wonders that can be found in the Philippines. Taal Volcano is located in the province of …

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  • Apr
  • 25

The Intern Experience: Josceline Cluff

Much of my life so far, at school and university, I’ve drifted through placidly, told that I was doing something I “should” do but with …

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  • Mar
  • 19

Get Fit, Help Animals: Taiwan Yoga Marathon 2013

Have you ever wanted to try yoga? Are you an experienced yogi? Or are you somewhere in between? No matter which, the Taiwan Yoga Marathon

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  • Mar
  • 07

Cruelty-Free Travel, Part 2: Support Ethical Adventures

Legitimate sanctuaries allow animals room to roam and don’t force them to interact with people

Ethical travelers will naturally boycott activities that exploit animals, …

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