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  • Jan
  • 16

PETA’s Herd Of ‘Animals’ Greets Pope Francis

Among the millions of supporters gathered to celebrate Pope Francis’ arrival in the Philippines were a “seal,” a “kangaroo,” a “cow,” an “elephant”. Why were the animals …

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  • Oct
  • 29

Hanoi’s Best Vegan Eats

Part of what makes travel so alluring is experiencing different cultures – and this often includes sampling the local cuisine. Luckily, wherever you wander, a …

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  • Oct
  • 22

The Myth That Is ‘Sustainable’ Fishing

Sustainable fishing: a noble idea. That’s the notion that we can capture and kill hundreds of thousands of aquatic animals every year while still maintaining—or …

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  • Aug
  • 20

The Green Road Around India: Your Guide to Vegan Food Across the Country

If you travel to India, you’ll want to be up to date on the varieties of food that are available! Especially for vegetarians and vegans, …

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  • Aug
  • 18

The Pinoy Barbecue: Vegan Style

Barbecues are a favorite summer pastime, not just in the Philippines but also around the world. The only problem is that many staple dishes of …

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  • Aug
  • 14

Eating Vegan 101 in the Philippines

Although the Philippines’ traditional cuisine is largely characterized by meat and fish dishes accompanied by rice, there are many ways to experience authentic Filipino food …

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  • Aug
  • 04

Get Your Six-Pack Back in 5 Easy Steps

Face it: After the winter, your abs may look less like a six-pack and more like a beer keg. But whether you want to get …

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  • Jun
  • 16

The Truth About Halal Meat

Halal meat has been making headlines around the world recently, with revelations that several major UK restaurants have been “secretly” selling it to customers. Here’s …

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  • Apr
  • 30

Five Tips for the Traveling Vegan

Have you got a holiday coming up that you’re super-excited about, until you realize that staying vegan while traveling could potentially be the hardest thing …

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  • Apr
  • 28

Factory Farming Is Killing You

Factory farms kill billions of animals and devastate the Earth—but they may be poisoning your body in ways that you don’t even realize. Check out …

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