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  • Aug
  • 08

Astonishing Animal Facts

Read this post, and you’ll be even more in love with animals than you already are!

  1. Clams are complicated. They can change gender once during

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  • Mar
  • 21

Troops Aid Stranded Camel

When PETA Asia received a report of a camel who had fallen into a tank ditch surrounding Camp Dwyer in Helmand province, Afghanistan, they didn’t …

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  • May
  • 17

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pigeons

Famed American film director Woody Allen described pigeons as “rats with wings”—but, hey, we love rats! In much of the world, pigeons are seen …

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  • May
  • 01

The Bloody Faces of Ivory

There is no mistaking the bodies of elephants poached for ivory: They have no face.

Only two-thirds of an elephant’s tusk is visible, with the …

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  • Jan
  • 16

Save Sharks, Save the World

It’s backwards: Sharks should be afraid of humans, not the other way around. Every year, an estimated 100 million sharks are pulled from the water, …

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  • Nov
  • 07

Wildlife Woes—What to Do When Snakes Visit

Last year, snake handler Greg Shannon made headlines across Australia after he captured a 5-meter-long scrub python near the town of Ingham, Queensland. For most …

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  • Aug
  • 15

Cracking Down on Animal Abuse in Vietnam

Vietnam was recently ranked the worst nation for wildlife crimes out of a list of 23 countries in a survey undertaken by the World Wildlife …

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  • Jun
  • 25

Swimming With Whale Sharks—the Gentle Giants

There is often debate over eco-tourist schemes and whether they are a help or hindrance to the animals who are the focus of them. With …

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  • Jun
  • 14

The PETA Patter of Tiny Feet

There are few people in this world who don’t think that at least some animals are lovable and worth protecting. There are perhaps even fewer …

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  • May
  • 14

The Unfortunate Mr. Rat

It was a sunny Monday morning when we arrived at Intramuros’ Casa Manila—with a mission to document the tourist area’s horse-drawn carriages, or kalesa, …

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